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Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing


Office Space That Works Harder
Managing a growing number of files and records is an overwhelming task. With files piling up and no room to expand, adding a few more filing cabinets can be out of the question. Allied Workspace offers a broad range of automated storage and retrieval systems designed to make your office space work harder

Maximum Storage Performance
The equivalent of 16 standard four drawer filing cabinets can fit into one Vertical Carousel, recovering up to 70% of previously occupied floor space

Increased Productivity
The unit delivers all stored files directly to the operator; eliminating time spent walking and searching through filing cabinets for a specific file. Less walk and search time allows more time for other value added activities

Built In Security
With state and industry specific retention laws, businesses need to carefully consider the creation and management of files. From a digital transaction history to a physical locking door, minimum security to maximum security options are available to provide administrators the exact security they require

Vertical Filing Cabinets and Machines

Easy-to-use electric lateral filing machines increase filing productivity and reduce the floor space required for file storage.

At the push of a button, shelves rotate to automatically bring requested files to an ergonomically positioned work counter. These electric lateral filing machines are easily controlled by an electronic keypad or system software.

Vertical Filing Cabinets Save Floor Space

With more than 2,700 linear filing inches of letter-sized filing space, Vertical Filing Cabinets store the equivalent of approximately 27 file cabinets in a fraction of the space, and improve records management productivity up to 56%.

Ergonomically Designed Filing Cabinets

Electric lateral filing machines minimize physical effort such as twisting, bending, and lifting, providing easy operation regardless of the user’s body size, posture or mobility.

Layout and Design

Layout and design assistance is an essential part of our business. From initial analysis of your filing and storage needs to installation, Allied Workspace will partner with you to develop electric lateral filing machines that are designed to significantly improve your company’s productivity and profitability.

  • Filing Solutions: a storage carousel offers a very high density of storage for all your document and folders, as as well as storing your goods in a clean, secure controlled environment..
  • Saving Space: a standard carousel holds the same capacity of folders as 15 four drawer filing cabinets. A huge saving in office space!
  • Easy Storage: no more bending and stretching – folders are delivered at waist height.
  • Security: the files and folders are protected against dirt, damage and unauthorized access.
  • Fire Protection: the enclosed environment of the carousel can be protected from fire using gas protection.
  • Software: with the use of our simple system your files can be scanned in and stored into the carousel and controlled – a log is retained of all picks from the system. Barcode enabled so you never have can mistype or file in the wrong location.
Rotating Cabinets

Rotary Storage and Filing Cabinets Spin to Maximize Office Floor Space

Our double sided rotating document filing system can save substantially on floor space. The inner cube revolves within an outer shell enabling users to access both the front and back of the unit whilst only having the one fixed access area.


  • Floor space savings –  Typically save 50% plus on floor space when compared to conventional manual filing products.
  • Ease of retrieval – No more walking, climbing ladders, bending and stretching to retrieve files. We estimate that staff can become 40% more productive. It also helps disabled employees to do a broader range of office functions. Wheelchair access is easy to accommodate.
  • Fire Protection and security – Each unit can be fully fire protected using a gas drench system. Access can be controlled via PIN, swipe card, electronic locks or higher security keys.
  • Finish – Available in a wide range of colours and finishes complementing any selected interior design.
Medical Solutions

Secure Patient Records Storage – Pharmacy Automation

Improving The Patient Experience

Today the pressure on hospital executives and managers to reduce hospital operating costs is rising. In order to survive and maintain a profit margin in this economic climate hospitals are forced to cut costs. The largest component of the hospital operating budget is the supply chain, which is now coming under the microscope of hospital administrators.

Dynamic Storage

Very often hospitals are using outdated technology and antiquated processes in their materials handling flow. By implementing dynamic storage and retrieval solutions such as horizontal and vertical carousels to improve productivity, save space and increase accuracy; hospitals are leaning out wasted time and money in current processes..

Increase Efficiency

Integrating this technology with order processing software in the hospital supply chain creates a semi-automated process that brings the goods/supplies to the person, instead of the person going to the goods. This creates a labor savings (FTE’s) opportunity and makes efficient use of the facilities floor space and cube.

By implementing these systems, hospitals have realized sustainable reductions of waste attributable to pick errors, wasted labor, inflated inventories, expired product costs, lost items and workplace injury.

Track and Trace

Complete traceability is no easy task. Our systems provide the traceability of goods beyond distribution. Using tracking and tracing to get real time information can reduce stock levels and to generate on demand reports with very little effort.

Controlled Distribution

Dynamic automated storage and retrieval systems can be incorporated into any existing ERP or WMS system, providing a complete and transparent record of all inventory. Our systems provide accurate, controlled and efficient distribution of medical and surgical supplies, even at peak times.

Fire Protection Safes

Protection and Safety

Protection from fire or theft can be a very important part of good document management. But it is not just fire: A whole range of disasters including burglary, flood, electrical failure, vandalism and terrorism put thousands of companies out of business each year.

Our Disaster Protection range has been specially designed to offer point of use protection, not just from fire but burglars, vandalism and floods too.

Document Safes:

  • Range in performance from 30 minutes to two hours fire protection
  • Filing cabinets, free standing or small units
  • Fully customisable with internal fitments to meet all requirements
  • Available with key lock or electronic lock options

Data Media Safes:

  • Range in performance from one to two hours fire protection
  • Available in a range of sizes to allow protection for varying amounts of media
  • Fully customisable with internal fittings to meet all requirements

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