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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving


Mobile Shelving Systems: Optimize Your Space with Leading-Edge High-Density Storage Solutions Combining Flexibility and Convenience

Allied Workspace is Ireland’s leading supplier in mobile and archive storage systems for office, industry and public bodies. Whatever you want to put on your shelves, and however you want to arrange it, we have the mobile storage solution for you. Our products offer an optimal combination of capacity, flexibility, convenience, safety and durability

Make better use of your office space with mobile shelving
Mobile shelving offers the highest possible density for storing files and other media. Our mobile shelving systems maximize existing storage space by eliminating aisles and compacting several storage cabinets or shelving systems into a much smaller amount of space. An aisle or access to your files is opened up only when and where you need it by easily shifting entire rows of high-density shelving

Speed access to and retrieval of information
By allowing you to store all your information in one space-efficient area, files and other media are accessible within a few feet of each other. Mobile shelving systems allow you to keep files close to those that need them and minimize off-site storage. Productivity increases as the amount of time required for access, filing and retrieval of your information is reduced

Complete solutions for fast, secure and cost-effective storage
We can help you with advice and suggestions concerning everything involved in archiving and storage systems, from the interpretation and management of official requirements to tailor-made installations and more efficient office procedures

As as a distributor for EUN Group, Europe’s leading manufacturer of mobile storage solutions, we provide an extensive range of mobile systems including :

Manually Operated Mobile Shelving

Optimize and Customize Your Storage Space with a Flexible, High-Density Movable Shelving System

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Every organization has unique storage needs that evolve over time—and they need storage systems that can keep up with them. Our signature high-density movable mechanical storage system gives you the flexibility to customize your shelving while optimizing your capacity.

Whatever you need to find space for, our manually-operated mobile system will make the most of your shelving capacity. The storage possibilities are endless: archives and office supplies; specimens and artifacts; records and evidence; sporting equipment; film cans and video tape; medical documents; tools and parts; and much, much more. And its unique crank lever handle mechanism enables you to effortlessly move multiple carriages at once.

The mechanical system locks the aisle after each move to prevent unwanted movement of the bases during use,  while the contents located in the bases are protected by the possibility of locking the filing system with a key lock on the crank lever and installing a back enclosure panel (single base) or sliding doors (double base) to the last base.

Insulation against moisture and dust content is guaranteed by strategically placed rubber and metal profiles. The smoothness in the base mobility guarantees the minimum effort in their movement thanks to intelligent transmission systems capable of moving weights of up to 40,000 kg. This smooth movement is reflected in the crank lever ergonomic design, specially shaped to facilitate the application of force in the best possible way.

Electronic Mobile Shelving

Harness the Latest Technology to Monitor and Operate Your Storage Space

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Bring your shelving into the 21st century with EunTronic, the high-density electric movable storage system that  incorporates innovative technology to monitor, protect and operate your powered shelving.

The electronic mobile system is controlled by means of an ergonomic digital touch screen present in all the bases. This display features an intuitive control system equipped with warning lights and icons as well as error reporting.

It also allows the possibility of integrating lighting in all bases, illuminating only the open aisles thereby optimizing electricity consumption and getting better lighting of used aisle. EunTronic is equipped with connections for remote service via Internet providing instant access due to any eventuality, even allowing for testing and correcting or reprogramming of the system in real time from anywhere in the world.

Security is enhanced with the system´s connection to a building’s alarm centre,  alerting security in case of unauthorized access to any of the aisles. EunTronic also allows the connection of smoke sensors to each base controls, integrating it with the building´s fire alarm centre. The system also has a “night operation mode” allowing, for example, the aperture of small gaps between bases in order to optimize the contents ventilation.

The electronic characteristics of the system are reinforced with the EunSoft management tool, a self-developed standard software provided with interfaces needed in order to communicate with any automated group product. EunSoft is capable of monitoring any activity on the automated machines, as well as integrating with any external management system.

This software integrates with any ERP management system belonging to the customer, helping to manage all types of inputs, outputs, or loans between different groups of companies or organizations oriented to centralised filing or storage. It also features an accurate representation of all locations managed by the Software. All this management is speeded up by wireless devices of all type like PDAs, bar code readers or RFID readers.

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