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Digilock Keyless Lockers

Digilock – The Ultimate Digital & Electronic Lock Solution

The Digilock suite of products feature high quality electronic locks activated by a 4 digit combination code or by utilizing the latest RFID technology. Digilock brings high-end refinement and elegance to whatever location they are situated, whilst retaining a simplistic approach to installation and operation.

Shared Use Operation

With Digilock lockers employees can use an available locker for the duration of their shift. Shared use operation allows free compartment use of any available compartment by any user on a first come first served basis. A user simply finds an available compartment and programs their own 4-digit PIN code in the lock to take possession of the compartment. Once programmed with their PIN code they can visit their compartment repeatedly to remove or place items in it. Once finished with the compartment, it is ready for use by the next user who simply repeats the same process.

If compartment space is limited and management want to prevent users from hogging the compartments between visits, Digilock can be programmed with an auto-unlock time of between 1 to 8 hours after which the compartment will automatically open.

• Users can freely select open lockers by entering a 4-digit PIN code on closing door

• The compartment is opened by the same four digit PIN code

• The code is cleared for next user or repeat usage after the compartment is opened


Lockers With The Digilock System – The Saving

Practice has taught that the number of lockers can be reduced by up to 40% when opting for lockers with a Digilock system. On top of that, with the Digilock system the rebuilding of existing staff changing rooms can be avoided when an increased number of employees needs to utilize the same space.

Digilock Keyless Options

Allied Workspace supplies a wide range of locks. Driven by innovation, our products use the latest technology and highest caliber of materials to ensure flawless performance every time.

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