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GAT SMART.Lock 7001

GAT SMART.Lock 7001 locking system is specially designed for the convenient electronic locking of logistical, postage, and storage applications. To open a locker, a user is identified at the central terminal by presenting their credential. The door is automatically opened via a networked electronic signal to the lock and re-locked upon pushing the locker door closed. The GAT SMART.Lock 7001 system is managed by the powerful GAT Relaxx locker management software and is compatible with multiple technologies, hard- and software components.


  • Durable, Robust Locking Mechanism: Made to withstand heavy force and extreme weather conditions, the lock is highly secure and vandalism-proof.
  • Wide Range of Use Cases: Appropriate for numerous applications including depot boxes, ski depots, logistics.
  • Modular: Custom applications are possible thanks to easy integration with 3rd party hard- and software components and compatibility with multi-technology readers.
  • Central Operation: User Identification and control is achieved via a central terminal

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