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Keynius Lockers and Next Generation Lock Systems

Keynius Credentials – Keynius offer innovative software that provides you with a distinctive locker system for every situation, application and environment. Safe storage of personal belongings, dispensing of products, sale of products, lending or renting company resources, distributing packages… it’s all easily managed with our unique locker management software. Which is managed and used via our smartphone app or online

Easy to Use – For modern companies smart locking is now essential. With a smart phone as a constant in peoples work lives, people expect to control their fixed or temporary locker with it as well. Reserve, pay, operate… Everything can be done with a few clicks. The functionalities of the Keynius smart locking solutions are almost endless and suitable for every industry.

Storage Solutions
Our storage solutions allow you to offer your employees, visitors, or students with a very secure and user-friendly way to store personal belongings. Think of smart electronic lockers in an office, changing room or school.

IT and Asset Management
The solutions for key, product and asset management allow you to manage and provide things like keys and shared company resources (such as tools) in a controlled manner. The automated process increases efficiency, minimises the risk of damage and loss, lowers your costs and improves your operating income systems are easily integrated with additional NFC applications, such as access control or cashless payment, to create an innovative system solution that streamlines your organization.

Drop off & Pick up solution – such as package lockers – products can be transferred from one person (or company) to another without supervision. For example, groceries or packages can be deposited in a locker to then be picked up by the recipient.

Click and Collect
You can use our locking systems for the controlled and secure dispensing of products and goods. For example, prepare medication for collection, or provide one-time company resources to the right employees.

With our locking solution, you can provide your visitors with secure event lockers where they can temporarily store their personal belongings with a locker system that can very easily be operated online via your own locker website.can use our locking systems for the controlled and secure dispensing of products and goods. For example, prepare medication for collection, or provide one-time company resources to the right employees.


Flexibility and the wealth of functionalities were the reasons that Three Ireland, one of the country’s leading mobile telecommunications providers, have selected Keynius lockers and lock systems for their offices in Dublin and Limerick.

The Keynius locker system can be fully adapted to the flexible way of working and can be extended with additional integrated services such as parcel delivery lockers.

“Three Ireland’s FM team can remotely control all lockers across the various locations with the Keynius Admin app,” explains Jane Delany, Director at Allied Ireland. “Users can either use Pin code or an access badge and phone app to operate their locker or pick up a parcel. These simple and smart solutions work for managers and staff alike, and we know that this is what the market wants. that is why our strategic partnership with Keynius is so exciting – their product portfolio offers perfect product market fit.”

Interested in attending one of the upcoming Keynius Smart Locker Workshops in Ireland? Send an email to janedelany@allied.ie to register!

Allied Ireland and Keynius invites you to LUNCH & LEARN CPD session



Allied Ireland and Keynius invite you to join our expert team for an informative series of breakfast and lunch sessions, focusing on next generation lock and locker solutions in March.


Simplifies the way storage is being used in offices and processes

Amplifies experiences to make lockers better and easier to use

Offers a platform of connected smart lock solutions that connects customers, visitors and facility managers

Lead the way for a next generation workplace locker evolution

For group sessions, Allied Ireland and Keynius team are available to meet at your office.

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