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The Evolution of Keynius Smart Locker Solution

Innovative Lockers Solutions:

Explore the world of cutting-edge locker solutions with Keynius. Our advanced software empowers you with versatile locker systems tailored for various applications. From securing personal items to product distribution, our unique locker management software simplifies it all, accessible through our user-friendly smartphone app and online platform.

IT and Asset Management: 

Efficiently oversee keys, products, and corporate assets, including tools, through our intelligent solutions. Automation enhances productivity, minimizes risk, reduces costs, and seamlessly integrates with NFC applications like access control and cashless payments.

Tailored Storage Solutions:

Experience customized storage solutions designed for employees, visitors, and educational institutions. Our electronic lockers excel in office environments, changing rooms, and schools, ensuring both security and user-friendliness.

Streamlined Click and Collect:

Effortlessly dispense products and goods in a secure manner. Prepare medications for collection or efficiently allocate one-time corporate resources to your staff.


Offer secure event lockers to your visitors for temporary storage. Operate the locker system with ease through your dedicated locker website. Furthermore, our locking systems excel in ensuring controlled and secure product dispensing. This versatility extends to tasks such as efficiently preparing medication for collection or facilitating the distribution of one-time company resources to specific employees.

Seamless and Effortless: 

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, smart locking is a necessity. With smartphones seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, controlling lockers has never been more straightforward. Reserve, pay and manage with a few clicks. Keynius smart locking adapts seamlessly to diverse industries, offering limitless functionalities.

Parcel Handling Made Easy:

Simplify package management with our state-of-the-art package lockers. Safely transfer goods from one entity to another without the need for constant supervision, whether it’s groceries or parcels.

How Keynius Smart Lockers operate

Keynius Smart Locker Solution CPD

Allied is thrilled to partner with Keynius Smart Locker Solutions because of its innovative feature of having a cloud based software and the robust feature of online management for accessing our smart lockers.

We are delighted to offer our Smart Locker Solution CPD with Breakfast or Lunch option.

We can arrange this presentation either in the comfort of your office or virtually via Microsoft Teams.


Unlock Success:


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Case Study:

Three Ireland

Optimizing Efficiency and Innovation: Keynius Lockers Selected by Leading Telecommunications Provider, Three Ireland, for Dublin and Limerick Offices.

The Keynius locker system exemplifies a remarkable level of adaptability and a diverse range of functionalities, seamlessly aligning with the dynamic nature of modern workplaces. It seamlessly extends to encompass integrated services, including secure rental and parcel delivery lockers.

Jane Delany, Director at Allied Ireland, highlights that ‘Three Ireland’s Facility Management team now exercises comprehensive control over all lockers across various locations through the Keynius Admin app. Users enjoy effortless access to their lockers and parcel retrieval, facilitated through PIN codes, access badges, or a dedicated mobile app. These sophisticated solutions cater equally to management and staff, precisely meeting market expectations. Our strategic partnership with Keynius is truly exhilarating, as their product portfolio aligns perfectly with market demands.’

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