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Caddix Golf Lockers

Anti-Theft Protection & Safe Storage of Golf Clubs/Valuables

Modern golf clubs aspire to provide their members with state-of-the-art changing and storage facilities to grow their membership base and their client satisfaction. That is why many turn to Allied for high quality golf lockers that provide safe and secure storage for their members. Practical, well appointed storage and changing rooms at golf clubs are one of the key differentiators in this very competitive market.

Our robust golf lockers come with a specially designed door perforation, small enough to allow for complete ventilation, while at the same time limiting visibility of the locker contents which in turn minimizes the possibility of a locker being tampered with.

We Understand the Needs of Golf Clubs.

Where storage is concerned, golf clubs have to accommodate both large bags of clubs and personal belongings. In addition, golf club changing rooms are often meeting points and social areas where many players spend time relaxing and discussing the all important latest rounds; consequently golf lockers need to be easy to use, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Allied is able to provide golf lockers to suit clients of any size or budget while at all times providing a professional service, from the initial survey to installation. Our golf locker designs are known for their practicality as well as quality and reliability, irrespective of the size restrictions of the changing area or storage area concerned.

Individual Golf Caddie Locker

• For storing one pull golf caddie.

• For set up on the floor or as a top cabinet.

• Doors hinged right or left depending on setup.

Family Golf Caddie Locker

• For storing up to two pull golf caddies.

• For set up on the floor or as a top cabinet.

• With doors hinged right or left depending on setup.

Electric Golf Caddie Locker

• For storing one electric golf caddie.

• With height adjustable charger shelf and opening for the supply line.

• When the electric golf caddie is adjusted, only the battery and charger have to be connected to be prepared for the next tee off.

• With doors hinged right or left depending on setup.

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